Do you update fashion trends and tips everydayHow do I know if there is a new update from this website? 

I’m afraid we don’t update every day especially about fashion trends. We update the trends twice a week but we do provide tips anytime, usually every other day. You can be updated by logging in to this website or creating an account. We will ask for your email so that we can notify you every time there is an update. By creating your account, you don’t just get to be updated and notified but you will be able to interact with other people as well. 

Hello, I am new to this website and I wonder where can I see your posts and updates? 

Hi, thank you for checking out our website and visiting us. You can see the posts and updates from us in the ‘fashion updates’ section in the corner of the page. But if you are looking for the tips, you might see it in a different section. Try going to the ‘tips and ideas’ section then depending on what you are looking for, you can check out the sections on cosmetics, clothing or outfits and shoes. 

Do I need to create an account first before I get notified with the updates or is it okay to have none? And can I post in the forum without one as well? 

You have to create an account first before you get notified with the new updates however, you can still see the new posts from us even if you don’t have an account. It is only better to create your account because you will receive messages from us every time we update. Also, you cannot join the forum if you have no personal account in Hybrid Head Piece.